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Just a reminder why we do what we do. These posts daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly are designed to provide a level of transparency for clients on our thinking regarding managing their money. Rather than clients wondering why we do what we do we provide these updates to clarify changes in our thoughts in the assets we chose for the underlying model portfolios that we manage. Hopefully, it also builds trust that we are actively managing and adapting portfolios to changes in the economy and market. We believe that through transparency and measurement of our COST & PERFORMANCE we can build TRUST that goes beyond just a relationship with clients that comes with time. Its hard data that you the client or client prospect can use to judge us vs our peers. Thus, it provides an instant score card of our ability for you to judge and compare to others. Moreover, it provides feedback for you to better understand what we do & why we do it so you can ask questions to better inform you.

In the end we hope these updates provide confidence we are good stewards of you money with a goal of preserving and growing your wealth.

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