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Our Services

Asset Management

We offer clients model portfolios to choose from designed to preserve & grow capital through active risk management.  We offer clients a choice between our portfolios or third party portfolios.  Either must conform to our investments framework, client risk & financial goals.

Financial/ Retirement Plans

We design financial/ retirement plans aimed at achieving financial goals and freeing cash flow to create the necessary savings to achieve those goals.  In addition, it involves coordinating a plan with our asset management to achieve those goals in a tax efficient way before and after retirement.  Our experience with analyzing complex financial statements of our individual stock holdings helps us  building complex plans for businesses provides a different level of detail when building an individual financial plan.  As a result, we believe our plans can better achieve your financial goals.

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In partnership with DPL, we offer fee only insurance products such as Term & Whole Life Insurances as well as Annuities consistent with your financial needs & plan.

Business Services & Consulting

Given our ability to fully manage & understand the underlying business we can offer services ranging from structuring Compensation Plans, Exit/ Valuation Planning & Retirement Planning.  Exit & Valuation Planning are offered  to provide seamless management of both personal & business finances.

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