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Our Investment Framework

 An investment framework is a set of underlying fundamental assumptions on the economy and financial markets.  This forms the basis of how we formulate our underlying model portfolios.  It is NOT intended to be investment advice nor recommendations, but a disclosure of assumptions  we are making in maintaining client model portfolios.  We start formulating our framework for the upcoming year in the 2nd half of the current year and then finalize it as we near the end of the fourth quarter.  In general, we update our investment philosophy on an as needed basis depending on economic/market conditions which are assessed daily.  Our philosophy is to be as transparent as possible with our clients in communicating this because it forms the basis of our model portfolios.  Meaning it dictates the type of assets we select and their respective weightings. We believe it is those portfolios or models which sync the macro picture with individual asset selection that perform best.  Thus, why we believe its impetrative to have control of portfolio thru individual stock selecion.


Please contact us to discuss the details of our  Investment Framework and how it may impact your BCA model portfolio.


Analysing the Data
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