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Passionate About Investing

Brecken Capital Advisors, LLC offers seamless financial management & planning across business & individuals lives whose goal is protect & growth assets by actively managing risk.  Real Portfolio Management (not outsourcing it to others) entails many things/principals. Its also measurable on how well its done thru furnished transparent performance.  Performance should be the basis of building trust & value for clients since it conveys a level of insight in managing risk & seeking return. It is this deep insight into markets, asset prices economy, interest rates, business conditions and even politics that helps clients navigate thru their lives by providing sound financial advice. It's this sophistication or insight that is sought & valued by our clients.  

With over 30 years of Wall Street experience and backed by Schwab's Institutional platform we bring accountability and transparency to investing.  Driven by the passion of investing as well as finding value/growth and conducting in house asset management including research, we deliver a full range of investment services.   We pride ourselves in providing the level of detail to our investment selections to every client much like large institutional investors expect.  

Our basic services are Asset Management, Financial/ Retirement Planning, Insurance, Business Services & Business Consulting.  The cornerstone of our investment philosophy is by offering portfolios designed by us we can potentially provide a level of insight & risk management that potentially protects & grows wealth.   Since we manage client accounts uniformly across 7 model portfolios thru individual security selection  it allows us the spend more time managing your money, customize those investments and manage risk/reward.

Why Us?  We have over 25 years of experience in professionally managing assets thru our work as an equity analyst on Wall Street & as a hedge fund portfolio manager at one of largest Hedge Funds in NY as well as Brecken Capital, LLC for over a decade.  That experienced is focused on uncovering value through detailed research in building client portfolios.  Further, we believe we are in the minority of firms in Charlotte that actually manage your portfolio.   Over 2/3rds of advisors* don't manage your money, instead outsource it, charging asset fees for doing so on top of potentially other fees tied to specific funds.   Further, control of your portfolio thru individual stock selection is given up to a 3rd party manager.   Lastly, we believe by syncing the macro assumptions (ie economy & markets) with individual stock selection we have a better chance to deliver better returns.

Want to experience our higher level of insight at Brecken Capital Advisors, LLC for yourself or your business? Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

*According to 2017 Envestnet study; Survey Results at

Analysing the Data

The cornerstone of our client philosophy is based on FIVE beliefs learned from 30 years of institutional investing:

1)  Portfolio Management First:   unlike others WE DO NOT outsource the selection of client assets to 3rd party managers. And we generally use individual stocks.

2) We invest With Clients:  Mr. Brecken is the largest client thus aligning interests with our clients.  Further, Mr. Brecken's portfolio is based on client portfolios.

3) Every Client Treated Same:  we don't offer different fees based on asset size.  All clients receive the same institutional class money management.


4) Performance Driven:  meaning we spend most of time on portfolio management not marketing for new ones.


5) What's Good For Us Is Good For You:   With interests aligned we make money if you make money.

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