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Why Our Firm Was Founded

Brecken Capital Advisors, LLC (“BCA”) was founded based on the belief that the business owners & individuals in and around Charlotte can be better served in their planning and asset management.  After working for 2 different advisory firms and working as an institutional portfolio manager & analyst for 25 years on Wall Street our founder Leonard Brecken knows his way around professionally managing money.  Unfortunately, many firms who service residents of Charlotte act more in a sales role vs analyst role.  They may not manage client’s money at all in an institutional sense but only redistributing it to third party managers failing to design the underlying portfolios that house client's assets.  Most individuals aren’t even aware this is occurring, and it only seems to surface when asset values decline if at all.  There is an old saying on Wall Street “a rising tide lifts all boats, but when it falls some boats sink”.  Another words, when markets are rising things like this get unnoticed. 

Here at BCA our FIRST GOAL is to bring a new level of insight regarding the economy & financial markets to individuals and business owners that was once relegated to very large pension/ institutional funds and high net individuals.  Thus, why we call ourselves portfolio managers (vs investment advisors) to signify a different level of insight we offer.  In the end, we strive to protect & grow client assets while actively managing risk.  That means not reacting to rises and falls of financial markets but hopefully anticipating them.  That means not adjusting portfolios on some time fixed table  but when market conditions warrant it.  It means ACTIVELY managing your portfolios.

Our SECOND GOAL is to leverage our analyst/consultant lineage from our sister company Charlotte Consultant Services, LLC (“CCS”) to seamlessly provide in depth financial management & planning to individuals business owners.  Often advisors say they provide business planning or services to business owners. However, by providing CFO like services and bookkeeping we can provide a different level of insight & analysis necessary to understand BOTH the cash flow of the business or the individual.  One of primary objectives in planning is to INCREASE the cash flow in either the business or individual by applying a deep level of analysis & insight.    For a business that maybe acting as the CFO, bookkeeper and/or a profit analyst AND portfolio manager that goes beyond just surface analysis.

Our THIRD GOAL is to treat each client like family being as transparent and accountable to the cost of our services and the performance we deliver.  As a steward of client wealth its important to understand each and every clients personal financial lives in detail, but also become a trusted friend to clients.  We take pride in many of our clients become our friends because it demonstrates more than than financial stewardship but personal stewardship that is genuine.

Analysing the Data