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Retirement Checklist

The key items in preparing for retirement are many. At its core is creating a financial plan to outline what cash flow you have today as well as through your retirement. The most anxiety created as we near retirement is whether we have enough money to last. The role of a financial plan is to address just that. With in it besides accessing your income, living expenses and assets & liabilities is determining the timing of things like social security. Its very important to map out the timing of income streams so as to minimize taxation. Planning years in advance by the utilizing the assortment of retirement vehicles can better reduce taxable income in your retirement years by allowing for flexibility. Other things to assure is accounting for unexpected medical expenses and qualifying (depending on your taxable income) for government assistance by structuring your income appropriately. Lastly, estate planning can be critical to not only avoid the pain & cost of probate but also to minimize taxation for your heirs.

At Brecken Capital Advisors we assist clients in a variety of ways in planning for their financial future. For more insights see our website and disclosures found there at BCA.

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