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Managing Your Own Investments

Sometimes individuals choose to manage their own money vs hiring an Investment Advisor such as Brecken Capital Advisor tied to high fees and/or performance that isn't measured. If you do embark on this we suggest to you reconsider because of the pitfalls involved. One big pitfall is creating a set of investments that may suit your risk tolerance, but the not the overall risk/reward of the market. What we mean is that many use "time" based investment vehicles or mutual funds for their retirement that is simply based on age to manage the risk tolerance. Others create a portfolio and don't actively manage it to adjust to changes in the risk/reward of markets or fundamental changes. One of the keys to active money management is selecting the right asset classes, sectors and individual stocks that match the economic environment today and in the future.

At Brecken Capital Advisors we actively manage clients assets through the use of 7 proprietary model portfolios designed to match each client's risk tolerance with our views of the market & economy. For more insights see our website and disclosures found there at BCA.

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