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How is Your Retirement Savings Managed?

Often times individuals save for the their retirement, but fail to pay attention on how that money is managed. They save save save but fail to best allocate that money according to their risk appetite and the present & future conditions of the economy/markets. Its often allocated and forgotten. In 401Ks time based funds are often used which manage risk based on the individuals age irrespective the individuals financial condition OR the risk/reward in the market. The theory is long-term as you age risk gets adjusted downward irrespective of the potential risks to day. Same can be true about IRA retirement account management. Its usually passive vs actively managed and can be out of sync with an individuals risk tolerance and financial conditions not to mention with the risk/reward of the market.

Retirement, much like marriage, can be a period of anxiety or enjoyment depending on whether you properly plan for it. Savings is one component, but the management of it is another to achieve the require returns to meet your retirement goals.

At Brecken Capital Advisors (BCA) we utilize 7 propriety actively managed model portfolios that can be utilize in a variety of accounts whether taxable or tax advantaged/deferred qualified retirement plans. For more insights see our website and disclosures found there at BCA. Contact us at Brecken Capital Advisors for more information.

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