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Fireside Advisor Chat Event

During the late Sprint/Summer we plan on hosting at my home (in Weddington, NC) an event to get to know each other better ie more on a personal level. Clients/spouses & prospects are welcome. Attendees are encourage to bring a guest or two as well. I will have my partners in insurance and retirement/compensation plans & accounting/CPA, Tax Planning and Estate Planning attending as well so you can meet them too. Its a chance to mingle and ask the team any financial questions you may have or just enjoy the beauty of my home, friends & the Meadows community. I will probably only make short introductions to keep things informal.

Wine & Beer will be served as well cheese for snacking either pool side or around the fire pit or under my covered patio by the fireplace weather permitting. The event will likely be in early evening with a date to be determined.

As many of you know our philosophy at BCA is to treat our clients as family and most of my clients if not all of them become very close friends with us as a result. As a result, our lives become intertwined and you become a client for life. At the very least its a jester to thank you for entrusting us with your wealth.

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