Business Consulting Services

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Through our affiliate company Charlotte Consultant Services we offer consulting services are aimed at improving profitability & valuations for businesses.  We are investors not accountants that lends a different perspective on what is driving the value your business.  Further, since we are compensated based on profitability improvement we are held accountable to do so.  Without accountability it is unlikely your current CFO/Bookkeeper is focused on that area.  Our profit improvement approach is based on efficient resource allocation, by focusing on the key metrics driving your value that are consistent with your business strategy.  See our website through the link above to learn more.


Profit Management

We offer CFO like services aimed at driving higher profitability & valuation.  We re-align your bookkeeping & processes so that they represent how you derive your profits so that they can be improved.  Its starts by defining who you are and your uniqueness via a Business Strategy statement. Then we review where & how you allocate your business resources to create a budget & forecast for the business.  Our promise if we don't deliver higher profits we don't get paid. Our pricing starts at $300/mth depending on complexity. 

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We provide full Bookkeeping services as an add-on to our Profit Management services.  Our goal is better align your books to profits vs accounting so that you can better understand & plan your business

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Business Valuations

We leverage our investment experience through delivering accurate business valuations for owners.

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Business Plans

Whether you are a start-up or a business needing a business plan for a loan or the sale of your business we can create a business plan that reflects your business.  Given our investment experience it will be done with the understanding of what drives the value of your business.