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Portfolio Management Services

We are a fee only Registered Investment Advisor.  Our Asset Management services are aimed preserving and growing your wealth.  We believe through the use of our own model portfolios that are designed by us using investment framework (set of broad market & economic assumptions) we can provide more insight to clients about the assets they own.  More importantly, we believe it can potentially result in better risk management to more effectively achieve your financial goals.   We design model portfolios based on client risk tolerances that match with our view of both the economy & markets.  Further, asset selections are then matched with  financial plans & goals we develop for our clients.  The cornerstone of our value proposition is based on our depth of experience, insight & track record.

The structural changes to financial markets tied to falling fee structure, money flows, volatility & trend towards passive money management has lead to over 2/3rds of advisors outsourcing the actual management of your assets.   Many have turned to expensive insurance products as a result to manage client assets to control risk.  The decline in the markets in 2008 & 2018 demonstrate the price clients pay in terms of performance, volatility & risk management when the advisor does not have full control of the management of your assets.  We take a different approach thru our experience, insights & track record of understanding both the economy & financial markets.  The goal is to achieve better risk management to potentially get you to your financial goals.

We are affiliated with XY Planning Network for our technology platform.  Brecken Capital Advisors, LLC participates in the TD Ameritrade Institutional program. TD Ameritrade Institutional is a division of TD Ameritrade, Inc. ("TD Ameritrade"), member FINRA/SIPC. TD Ameritrade is an independent [and unaffiliated] SEC-registered broker-dealer. TD Ameritrade offers to independent investment Advisors services which include custody of securities, trade execution, clearance, and settlement of transactions.

Asset Management

We offer clients model portfolios to choose from designed to preserve & grow capital through active risk management.  We offer clients a choice between our portfolios or third party portfolios.  Either must conform to our investments framework, client risk & financial goals.

Financial Plans

We design financial plans aimed at achieving financial goals and freeing cash flow to create the 

necessary savings to achieve those goals.  In addition to our Asset Management, our work thru Charlotte Consultant Services, LLC provides a create level of detail when building an individual financial plan.  As a result, we believe our plans can better achieve your financial goals.

Business Services

Given our ability to fully manage & understand the underlying business we can offer services ranging from structuring Compensation Plans, Exit Strategies & Retirement Planning.  In combination with detail insight of your business thru our work at Charlotte Consultant Services, LLC these services work seamlessly with acting as your CFO/Bookkeeper.